Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treating Doggie Flops

From Dash’s Point of View: 

My Mom really wanted to take me to a Dog Halloween event yesterday, but my parents have had a really busy week and we just ran out of time. She felt bad and apologized to me all day. I have already worn my costume once and will wear it again tonight to hand out candy, so I think I’ll forgive her this time. Since I was supposed to be walking outside potentially on hot or rocky surfaces Mom made me some little flip-flops to protect my feet. I would like to tell they work great, but since I didn’t go to the parade I don’t really know. I tried walking in them in the house, but not for long. If you would like to make a pair to protect your feet while treat or treating with your family my Mom will show you how below. 

You will need: 
  • Foam sheet 
  • 4 covered hair elastics 
  • Paper - for making a pattern 
  • X-acto knife 

Use your dog’s foot to trace a paper pattern for the flip-flop sole. Cut the pattern from the paper. Transfer your pattern onto the foam sheet four times. 

Cut the shoe soles from the foam sheet. You can use scissor...I did.

Use the paper pattern again to make dots at three points on your dog's foot: between the middle toes and both sides of the heel. 

Mark holes onto the foam cut-outs. 

Punch holes through the foam. Keep the holes as small in width as you can. The X-acto knife can make too large a hole if allowed to push through too far into the foam. (It is easy to slip). You do not want the straps to pull through. If you have an awl or a sharp nail they will work also. 

Tie a knot on the side of the hair elastic opposite the seam. Tie the knot with as little excess as possible. 

Push the loop through to the top side of the foam. Use a pen or your knife to help thread the elastic if needed. 

Break the covered hair elastic at the seam. It should pull apart with a little effort. 

Pull the single elastics all the way through to the bottom of the foam. 

Knot each end on the underside. Keep your knots as close to the end without slipping out as possible. 

Pull the elastics back through until they arch on top and Voila!

Happy Halloween!

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