Monday, January 23, 2012

Pretty on the Inside - Repurposing boxes

This is the first time I have ever ordered from the website Piperlime. In addition to having a fantastic selection of sale-priced shoes and free shipping, they have pretty boxes...on the inside, that is. 

You will need:
  • Cardboard box with colored or printed interior
  • Clear packing tape
So what does one do with a big cardboard box lined in a attractive print? Oh, so many things! I could have cut it into manageable sized squares to stack, store and use as needed for various crafts or turn it inside out and use it as a gift box that I would not have to wrap. But I had a little problem presenting itself on my mantle that I thought the inside of this box may help me tackle. 

I first disassembled the box. 

Turned it inside out and tapped it closed with clear packing tape. 

Now to assess my problem. You have been watching me redecorate my mantle after all the Christmas decorations have been removed. Hopefully, this will be the last step toward working on the mantle for a while. As you can see below, there is a gappy awkwardly stepped line from one splash of white to the next from one side to the other. You do want to draw the eye across by repeating colors, but the differences in height were just all wrong. I needed more levels! 

By adding the box, which has both white and green, the color flow is carried to the next color pop (in this case from the white lamp shade to the white lantern). The box brings some of the elements, including the white lantern, up higher creating levels and a nicer line between colors. FYI - on either side of the mantle sets chairs with white backs bringing the line of white across the focal point of the room. 

Voila! Pretty on the inside makes pretty on the mantle.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Throw Winter Out With The Holiday Decorations!

I find this time of year can be exceptionally depressing, and really, with the effort we put into parties, decorations, presents, etcetera, etcetera with the holiday season it should be a little bare and lonely after all the whirling hubbub of the season has ceased. So, I propose we find a way to embrace this cold, post holiday season. Something that has worked for me is leaving touches of the holidays that do not scream "I refuse to take down my decorations!" around the house. Part of what makes this season gloomy is a recently bustling, bare house. 

Notice in the picture above. This is just a decorative bowl I keep on the mantle year round. I intentionally chose to place green decorative balls inside so they will work with all seasons. Also, observe the seasonal additives, or leftovers, however you like to look at it. Most of the greenery has dried to the point of a fire-hazzard, but breaking off pieces of your evergreen swags before throwing them out keeps the house still feeling homey. Keep the pinecones too. Keep all the decorations that look winter, just not Christmas. Easy into the bare-dom of spring will help keep your spirits up.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Don't Forget Your Great Decorating Ideas!

Inevitably, every year I stand over my Christmas decorations pondering where and how I had placed them the year before. Next, I search for photos and eventually end up doing something completely different then the year before. I was really happy with the living room this year. So, just as a reminder to everyone out there packing away their Christmas decorations, myself included, TAKE PICTURES! Take close ups and distant shots. It will save you time next year and you will be able to replicate your masterpiece with ease. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cleaning Up After Christmas - Ribbon Idea

Well, it is that time where we must stop enjoying our holiday decorations and stow them away for another year. I am pretty methodical in my packing...everything has a particular place, but keeping track of those plastic strips that protect and hold the ribbon on the spool is unrealistic. Tape often does not stick to a glittered fabric ribbon such as this one and I want to keep the glitter looking full and new. Then I thought, of course, just use a small piece of clear plastic kitchen wrap to cover the ribbon after I had rewound it onto a pencil or a spool. The plastic wrap will stick to itself leaving no need for tape. 

Voila! Ready for storage.