Monday, July 30, 2012

The Monokini

Juicy Couture one piece swimsuit

Juicy Couture one piece swimsuit

So, I have felt compelled all summer to post a series of blogs over swim wear for body types. With summer winding down (so says the calendar but not necessarily the Oklahoma heat) I still really wanted  to mention a few things as they crossed my mind. If you're a thrifty domestress you will be hitting up the swim sales about now anyway.

Today I want to talk a bit about the monokini. It has that feeling of a safety net for those that for whatever reason are tempted to pull out the two-piece but can't or won't. I've always liked something about the monokini. Maybe it reminds me of some of my childhood swimsuits from the 80's or maybe I just like the way it is sort of sexy, sort of practical, but I cannot wear them. Period! I am not over weight, no noticeable stretch marks, I am just not the right shape.

Yesterday at the pool I see a mom of a toddler rocking a monokini. After thinking for a minute I wish I looked good in one of those it occurred to me that maybe I should be helpful and address some do's and don'ts of the monokini with my readers.

This suit is awesome for the straight or banana figure. If you notice the girl pictured above appears curvy, but really is not. That is thanks to the side cut outs of this suit. (I don't know anything about the website it came from other than this was the visual illustration I needed for my point)

Also, this works best for people with shorter waists. The longer body you are the larger the size in this case. Which means you could end up with a baggy suit just to fit the length of your torso. It additionally gives those with short waists and illusion of length as the connecting fabric between the top and bottoms draw the eye in a linear fashion.

This suit is best for smaller and perky breasts. This is probably obvious, but unlike a two piece the neck length must be adjusted to fit the horizontal tie under the breast while simultaneously fitting the crotch length.

If you have c-section scars or stretch marks around the tummy button area a monokini, like the one at the top of the post could be a great purchase...being that you fit the other guidelines too.

So curvy, long-bodied, short-legged, busty girls beware...this suit is not for you! (or me ;)) 

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