Friday, October 26, 2012

Some Thoughts on Skinny Jeans for Fall 2012

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Skinny jeans are firmly planted, mid-cycle of their trendiness and available for every size and shape. The first point I would like to make is that unlike the bunchy socks of the 80's skinny jeans are NOT best worn with gathered extra fabric at the ankles. By removing that bunching you create a more continual line. Many women fight this problem of off-the-rack pants being too long (and too short). However, with the average American woman somewhere in the 5'4" range I would bet there are more bunchy jeans than we would like to admit. Quite possibly the best part about a skinny jean (or any legging-like pant) is that there is really no hemming required! So, yes, I am a designer, but that does not mean I like to sew. All you need to do is turn under the hem to the length that you need (as shown) to create a much better fitting pant.

I am kicking myself for not buying shiny gold-washed denim last year. I found some cute gold jeans close-out priced last spring and though there is no way this trend will make it another year, but I was wrong. Oddly enough, metallics are not only forecasted for this year but next fall too. 

I think we will see skinny jeans a few more fall/winter seasons. We will surely begin to see variations in their liquidity of fit on the leg and ankle. More importantly the focus is shifting from the shape to the fabric or print. Find a way to make the patterns work for you. If you are short look for a small repeating print, if you are heavy look for a print that draws your eye away from your hips, unless of course you carry weight in your ankles, if you are leggy (and I do not feel sorry for you one bit) look for a larger, heavier print. Same goes for colors. If you are bottom heavy wear your lighter color in your blouse and the reverse for top heaviness.

Anyone that lived through the Eighties, well, I hope you liked it the first time around. We will see the shirts get bigger, blousier, and boxier before we see the disappearance of skinny jeans and leggings. 

I hope I have provided a good guide for your informed jeans/legging purchases this year.    


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