Saturday, October 13, 2012

No Posts? Where have I been?

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I have some explaining to do...As you have noticed, (that is, if you have not given up on me posting anything new) I have been a bit absent from my blog, but quite the contrary from fashion. So you say, if you have been so busy with fashion why are you not sharing important fashion scoop? Well, because I have been working on what will be trending a year or more in advance.

Over the past year I have been making baby steps toward returning to the design world. I have traveled across the USA, learned valuable information they don't teach in design school and finally found myself nearing the end of this leg of my journey. I have found some capable factories and the time to make my decision is quickly approaching. My dream of creating my own women's line is emerging into reality. 

Please forgive my absence. I will post as I can. I could tell you all about Fall/Winter 2013-14, but what good would that do? I know I would probably forget that sort of information if it was not my business.

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