Friday, October 14, 2011

Sparkly Spiders

So, I saw some bendy, glittered spiders in a home store recently and thought...I could do that a whole lot cheaper. And as always, I shook it up a bit. These are very simple, do not take much time, and are next to impossible to botch in design or placement. So if you are decorating for an adult Halloween party, need a slightly messy kid-friendly project, or just want to incorporate some items into your home decor give this easy project a try for yourself. 

You will need: 
  • Black pipe cleaners 
  • Black pom-poms 
  • Black glitter 
  • Glue 

Roll pom-poms in glue. 

Dip coated pom-poms in glitter. 

Make holes in a piece of thin plastic with a hole punch for cleaning the excess glue from the pipe cleaners. 

Roll the coated pipe cleaners in glitter and tap off any excess. 

Hold four glittered pipe cleaner halves over one glittered pom-pom. 

Wrap the pipe cleaners around the pom-pom and twist. 

Bend the pipe cleaners. 

If you want to add a red spot cut a piece of red ribbon and glue it to the spider’s back. 

Voila! Not so scary sparkly spiders.

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