Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It’s My Party and I’ll Bark if I Want To - Dog Birthday Parties

From Dash’s Point of View: 

I know I’m quite a lucky dog to have a birthday party, but really, let’s be honest here. I’m rather sure my parties are just as much for my parents as they are for me. Well, let’s just say, I’ve checked with the baby humans that live with my parent's friends and their parents do the same thing to serving steak when they don’t even have teeth yet. Ya, we’re on to you. So, this year’s was pretty chill...really just a family affair, but I got great gifts and everyone...dogs, and people too, seemed to have a good time. 

In preparation for my parties my mom spends some time on the internet searching for new dog-friendly recipes. I think she enjoys the chance to expand her baking skills. Here’s a site where she found some good one’s: She knows all the dog-safe ingredients I really like so she googles recipes that call for those. If she can’t find what she’s looking for she looks for things with similar moisture content to substitute, for example, carrots instead of apples. If she needs to remove a moist ingredient, but doesn’t have anything to replace it with she just adds a splash of water (or low-sodium meat broth) instead. Water’s a safe ingredient and I’m not that picky. Speaking of safety, I can’t eat all the same foods as humans. Some people food is toxic to animals. You will want to check the ingredient list before beginning a pet-baking project. Here are a couple good toxic animal food resource sites: 

My mom chooses a different theme for my party each year, as you can see, this year we did fall colors and pumpkins...she really loves fall! She thought it would be a good idea to label the pupcakes for the party goer's doggie bags. Then my Grampy had to cut out little labels and glue them to each paper pumpkin on a toothpick. He was a good sport. The people always get a different treat. Like this year they ate a pie decorated with bone shaped cookies. It makes her happy to entertain pets and people alike.
My dad was not sure about throwing a birthday party for me the first time, but as usual around here, everyone knows the crazy flamboyant ideas are typically concocted somewhere deep in my mom’s mind. We just go along with them, but I will say they often turn out just right, especially when it comes to a party for me.

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