Friday, October 21, 2011

Two-Faced Couch Potato - A double sided Halloween and Thanksgiving pillow

It has been a stressful day. I guess you can probably tell by the blog title. Thankfully this pillow has been on my couch for a week now, so, I am just writing today, not constructing. 

I had the idea for this a few years ago when I bought a really cute, but obviously Christmas pillow. The back side was polka-dot fabric that matched my living room. After Christmas I flipped it around and placed a smaller pillow to the front and side of it. I love that I do not have to store the pillow and I can use it year round. I wanted to at least help you through the fall season with a cute, cheap, functional idea. 

You will need: 

  • Felt 
  • Crochet thread 
  • Wooden letters 
  • Leather laces 
  • Ribbon or braid 
  • Leaves 
  • Soap or chalk 
  • Poly-fill

Layout the wooden block letters and leaves on the felt. With the soap make small dots as place markers for the lettering and then trace the leaves. 

Remove the leaves after tracing them. 

String the letters onto the leather and knot the ends. 

Sew the leather to the pillow between the knots. Allow the crochet thread to be visible over the leather. 

Lay the braid onto the soap marks. Only sew the braid down with the crochet thread at the corners or bends of the leaves. Again, allow the crochet thread to be visible over the braid. 

This is what the leaves should look like at this point. 

Measure the inside of each leaf where the central vein would be located on a real leaf and cut the leather laces long enough to accommodate the length plus knots at the end. Sew each lace to the inside of the leaf allowing the crochet thread to show on the inside of the knots. 

Retrieve the multi-purpose sign you made earlier in the week. I sewed a checkered ribbon around the edge of the Halloween side. It just helps the pillow to appear professionally made and finished. The Thanksgiving side has more color and the leaves help finish the edges. 

Sew it up! 

Leave a hand-sized hole to fill the pillow with poly-fill. 

Pin the hole.

Sew the hole shut with black thread and Voila!

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