Friday, October 28, 2011

Lanterns are for More Than Lighting

What a busy, yet fun and exciting week this has been...with the promise of it spilling over into next week! My husband’s birthday is this weekend, though it appears we will be tabling it until next, of course Halloween is quickly approaching, and the big fundraising luncheon I am co-chairing is next week! Therefore, with my obvious lack of time for any large projects I want to bring you something completely attainable and show you how it works with projects I have already posted for this Halloween season. 

You can go buy something like this (approximately) 10 inch lantern with a ribbon and a candle or something festive inside for around $50, give or take, or you can make it for oh, around $5. I am sort of hesitant to post this because we are selling decorative lanterns at our fundraiser. They are really cute and the lantern it’s self is more stylized than this one, but the simple fact is you are either the type to buy a pre-decorated, marked up, ready to display in your home lantern, or you are the type that is racking your brain right now trying to remember where you have seen a plain lantern for sale and how much it was, because you already have the ribbon and know how much the glitter skull will cost you. But if you are not the do-it-from-scratch type eventually you are going to think, hmmm...I don’t know that I like that ribbon, that candle, that color, that whatever anymore and I want to change it. Consequently, you may want to use the same ideas to “re” decorate your very pretty, pre-decorated lantern someday. 

Lanterns have been around since Biblical times. Yes, now we use them more for decoration, but it appears to me that there not going out of style anytime soon. The really super thing about them is they are as versatile as a little black dress. You can dress them up, dress them down, display them indoors or out, make them decorative or functional...lots of options, but today I am going to keep it pretty Halloween focused. 

Let me begin by reminding you that not everything in the Halloween decoration isles is tasteful for home beautification. My mom would emphatically tell you that this glittered skull is not tasteful, but I disagree. The skull is an obvious clue what holiday we are approaching. It is not grotesque, it’s glittered! Find a piece, of your own liking, that clearly demonstrates what holiday or season you are wanting to convey, hence, the skull. Remember decorating the inside of your lantern does not force you to exclusively use one singular piece. A lantern filled to the brim with mini pumpkins or candy is just as festive. 

Keep in mind the existing colors in the room when choosing something for the inside of the lantern. Additionally, keep in the same colors in mind when choosing the lantern. Lanterns are available in many colors and you want the one that will be most versatile for your decorating and entertaining needs. Notice I have a lot of black and cream in the room, but, for the season, I have added splashes of orange and rusty fall colors. The orange ribbon has some slight variations in the color allowing it to blend seamlessly with the other shades of orange in the room. The very subtle sparkle in the ribbon is not enough to cause discord with the dramatic sparkle of the skull. The skull being silver keeps it from clashing with the color scheme or competing with the color splashes. As you can see the throw pillow that was posted last week is visible in the background, but also not competing for the rooms attention. 

You can place these lanterns in a grouping of items as shown below, next to the seasonal, ever-rotating candy stand. They are also lovely grouped together in varying sizes.

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