Monday, July 11, 2011

Display Fragrant Herb Bouquets in the Kitchen

I try to cook with fresh herbs often. I have been wanting and even mildly trying to grow an herb garden for a couple of years now. Gardening is not my forte, but I am learning. This year I filled my planter box with herbs in addition to a few pots, and finally, they are thriving. The abundance of sunlight and the heat wave that has hit Oklahoma probably has also greatly contributed to my success. I do not have a window box herb garden in the house because I do not have an area that receives the amount of light needed. If I did, I would. Since I do not this idea works nicely. 

You will need: 
  • A bottle, jar, vase, etc. 
  • Herb clippings 
  • Fresh water 
I chose basil and mint clippings. You may use whatever you can grow. Basil produces little flowers that allow it to appear more decorative. Sometimes I poke it in with other floral arrangements when I want a nicely scented filler. Both mint and basil have a fresh, clean smell. Which is what is generally preferred when perfuming a kitchen. I clipped each just as I would a floral stem and placed it in a clean bottle filled with fresh water. It should last a few days just as a flower would. Notice I used bottles that previously contained other liquids. They are pretty bottles and the repurposed look contributes to the appeal of the earthy little plants. The nice part of displaying herbs in decorative form is that they are not only pretty, but functional. Leave them set out next to your spice rack. Whenever you reach for a spice consider plucking a fresh herb from your arrangement. 

*If you do not use the herbs in a few days remove them from bottles, bundle them with a string or a rubber band and hang them to dry. Do not put them in a sealed bag. They will mold. When they are dry just crush them in your hands to reinvigorate their intensity and cook with them just the same. 

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