Friday, July 8, 2011

Scent Your Drawers

Add Fragrance to Your Linen Cabinets: 

This is a really simple idea that I use all the time. Guests have stayed at my home and asked on multiple occasions, “What do you wash your laundry in? The towels smell amazing!” Well, if you want to know I wash my everything in Tide and dry it with a Bounce dryer sheet as I always have and likely always will. The scent they cannot quite guess is the one I am going to share with you today. 

This one is totally repurposed so you probably could have been doing this for years and never realized it. You even have one of three options: perfume ad swipes from a magazine, perfume counter sample sticks, or used scent port bulbs. 

I have noticed there seems to be fewer perfume ads with the tester flaps in magazines lately. It seems like they are almost exclusive to the Fall II or Holiday issues (the big, inch-thick ones). Regardless, remember this next time you see a smell you like. Even if you are in the waiting room...cough loudly as you tear quietly and they will never miss it. 

When you get home open the perfume tab. Lay it in the back or flat beneath your towels, linens, etc., and close the closet doors. If you prefer a spritz to a test strip at the perfume counter that works too. I have also left these in my purse to keep it smelling nice. Additionally, the scent port bulbs work the same. If you notice when your plug-in, smell-good thing runs out of liquid and you remove it from the plug on the wall the scent lingers in the air as you carry it to the recycle bin. It does this because there is still aroma left in the wick. Pop it behind your towels to allow them to absorb the fragrance remainder. 

As long as you have a closed area the scent will absorb easily and linger for some time. By the time you need to replace it you will need to replace the plug in or have encountered another perfume sample. If you do not have doors on your linen closet layer the items mentioned between the bottom few towels ensuring one will not role out as your guests reach for a towel. Replace the open air fragrances more frequently for an optimum aromatic experience. 

Though they have not really been in vogue for some time this is cheaper than buying perfumed drawer liners. Aside from that, most of those smell like baby power or musty perfume. Since these are used bulbs or small testers you do not need to worry about an overwhelming smell when you open the doors. In fact, I experience extreme nasal inflammation from most perfumes and it has never been too much. This allows you to control the scent you want your guest to remember when they think of that lovely luxury weekend the spent in your guest area. 

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