Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decorative Storage Container

I nabbed a paper box from my husband’s office for this project. It made a nice container to create some organization inside a cabinet. It is especially attractive in a guest bath. Guests will be wowed by your neatness and presentation, but have no idea it was once just a cardboard box. This would also be cute set out pool-side with guest towels. In that case, it may need a plastic liner before placing the fabric. 

You Will Need: 
  • Box 
  • Fabrics (contrasting but coordinating in color)
  • Ribbon(s) 
  • Glue gun and glue sticks 
  • Buttons (optional) 
Use any sturdy box you have. It does not have to be a paper box. Line outside edges of box, one side at a time, with hot glue. Gently press the fabric into the glue, smoothing the fabric as you go. 

Note* Choose a fabric that will compliment the setting you plan on placing it in, even if you plan to place it in a cabinet with doors.

The box should look like this when covered. 

Glue right sides of fabric together to create a seam if needed to achieve fabric length for lining the inside of the box. 

Turn under one edge of the lining fabric and glue. 

Press and smooth lining fabric into hot glue making sure that fabric lies flat. The finished edge is placed at the outside edge of the box. 

Measure the inside bottom rectangle of the box. Use the measurements to cut a rectangle from your lining fabric. Add a half inch all the way around to fold under and glue for a clean finish. 

Measure the diagonal length across the inside of the box. Cut pieces of cardboard the length of the diagonal by the box’s height. Cut one piece of cardboard almost half way down the the mid point, as shown. Cut the other piece in half leaving about one inch holding it together at the midpoint. 

Position your diagonal pieces together to ensure they fit. 

Cover and glue each diagonal piece with the same fabric used on the outside of the box. 

Place the diagonals back in the box and glue ribbon along the tops. Add Ribbon around the edges and other embellishments if so desired. 

Voila! A decorative storage container.

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