Monday, July 25, 2011

Recycling: From Dash’s Point of View

Dash will be posting for me today. One long week has spilled over into the next. I have one more informative and exciting post about volunteering/fundraising, but will have to table that for a few days.

Poop Bags! 

From Dash’s point of view: 

My mom has been making an effort to reduce our family’s carbon pawprints through recycling and repurposing. This is something we furbabies have been doing for a long time. Though I have never done it I have heard you can repurpose Mom’s expensive heels into a chew toy and then recycle them while fertilizing the backyard. But I am a bit of a fashion nut just like my mom so I believe shoes are for feet not for teeth. 

We live in a great neighborhood, but if someone does not pick up after me my parents run the risk of making the neighborhood paper. In effort to keep the yards of the month free of distasteful debris we carry “poop bags”. The bags from the pet stores are a great idea, but why buy more plastic sacks when we already have so many in the house? My mom’s favorite sacks are the long skinny ones that cover not just her hand but most of her arm like newspaper sacks, produce sacks, and bread sacks. These are nice because they are made of thin plastic and fold well. Sometimes she uses old freezer bags and sandwich bags too. She says it’s easy to just seal them off instead of tying them in a knot. If your dog is not a toy breed like me, well, sandwich bags may not be a good “fit” for you. 

Even though we are doing our best to recycle remember once used the “poop bags” become a trash item. One time my mom was in a rush and accidentally pitched it in the recycle bin. We had a very unhappy recycling pick-up man that refused our recycle bin for several weeks. Sorry recycling guy!

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