Friday, July 15, 2011

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Celebrate Ice Cream Day with Ice Cream Cupcakes 

This is what I made myself for my birthday this year. My mom would make me these great birthday cakes as a kid, but since I have become an adult everyone wants me to make them a special cake for their birthday, but no one remembers to make me one for my birthday. Ice cream cakes are my favorite birthday cakes! I wanted something already individually portioned, but more exciting than the cupcake fad. 

In honor of Ice Cream Day (July 16th) and July being Ice Cream Month I thought this would be the perfect post...and July just became my favorite month if it wasn’t already. Aren’t you excited! You will have plenty of time to create this for Ice Cream Day tomorrow. 

You Will Need: 
  • Package of Oreos 
  • One box of prepared brownie batter 
  • Cake batter ice cream (Braum’s preferably) 
  • Icing (stiff) 
  • Hot fudge topping 
  • Maraschino cherries 
  • Baking cups 
First coarsely grind one package of Oreo cookies by hand or in a food processor. You may want to start with 3/4 of the bag because you will not use an entire bag. Sprinkle Oreo bits into each backing cup covering the bottom, but not filling it. 

Prepare brownie batter according to box directions. Dip batter into each baking cup covering the Oreo bits. 

Bake brownie and Oreo bits in oven for about 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees F. The time will depend on how full you have filled your baking cups and whether you like your brownies crispy or gooey. Remember you have eggs in the brownies. So cook them enough to avoid food poisoning. I only say this from experience. (I love undercooked brownies, breads, muffins, and meat...just one of my many oddities) 

Remove brownies from the oven leaving the baking cups in the muffin tin. Let stand until cooled. Place in the refrigerator while you prepare the buttercream icing. 

Though I would never suggest out-of-a-jar icing I am not including a recipe on this one. Simply because the buttercream icing recipe I use is made from specialty ingredients that can only be purchased at a bakery supply shop. Not all bakery supply shops even carry them or you usually have to buy them in bulk. Use an icing recipe you like, buy some icing from a bakery, or find a recipe that has shortening in it if you want it to be thick and easy to pipe onto your cupcake. If you do not have cake decorating icing bags and tips just load your icing into a plastic baggy. Seal the bag and clip a small piece off the corner. You will be able to squeeze it on just the same. Once your icing bag is loaded set it aside. 

Warm your hot fudge topping. Remove the muffin pan containing the brownie bottom baking cups and ice cream from the refrigerator and freezer. Place a small scoop of cake batter ice cream over each brownie. Press the ice cream down flat. You do not want it spilling over the top of the baking cup. Drizzle a small amount of hot fudge topping over the ice cream. If the ice cream is very soft by the time you have finished loading each cup place them in the freezer for a few minutes before adding your icing. 

To add your icing gently squeeze the icing bag allowing a small amount of icing to build onto the center of the scoop of ice cream. Then begin creating a cinnamon roll swirl until you reach the edge of the cup.  

Keep frozen until ready to serve. Garnish with a cherry on top. Makes approximately 18 ice cream cupcakes. 

Voila! Have a Happy Ice Cream Day!

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