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Summer Reviews - Eden Boutique

Entrance of Eden Boutique - San Diego, CA
Eden Boutique and Summer Fashion Trends:

Truthfully, I have had a bit of a struggle channeling my inner diva this summer, maintaining the blog, heading three volunteer projects concurrently, staying in shape and lately, having an event almost every night. I did however, manage to say, “Hello, Self, isn’t this a lovely break” on a business trip with my husband a few weeks back in San Diego. The plane ride allowed me some much needed time to catch up on current fashion trends. The fresh seafood (and lemon-drop martini) revived me from my jet lag. The shopping...oh, the shopping, was just as I expected nothing less than marvelous west coast style. 

I discovered this whimsical little shop, Eden Boutique, it was not overly pricey, had nice brands, and many attractive pieces. They have a fantastic merchandizing lay-out which first caught my eye. It was almost fairytale-like with shadowy leaves stenciled across the floor, interesting windy displays, and tranquil (faux) blue sky above. It was like shopping in a forest...a forest in a Disney movie! As I meandered through the store I noticed one display after another demonstrating my summer trend research. I thought this would be a nice way to bring you some trend information while simultaneously highlighting a boutique that I consider a great find. 

This season it may be easier to name what is not in style than the multitude of looks that are: 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, lace, color blocking, sheer layering, Eastern influence, nautical influence, bohemian, glam, wide leg, tailored, high waist, mid rise, masculine suits, feminine prints, circle skirts, fitted below-the-knee skirts, sequins, seductive blacks, pure whites, deep blues, bright reds, maxi’s, mini’s, tribal prints and skins. There are probably some that I have missed, but in this plethora of trends you should be able to find something that suits you. I want to touch on a few easily attainable trends to help you find your summer style. I have also attached this YouTube video link, because it illustrates multiple trends (waistlines, hemlines, colors, silhouettes, and fabrics) not just stripes. 

YouTube Video: Trends: Stripes 1 Spring-Summer 2011

“When in doubt, wear red.” - Bill Blass. I have been known to follow this quote many a time and it looks like this year the runways agree. Though bright red is really all the rage most people can find a shade of red to flatter them. If you have lots of red undertones in your skin you may try wearing red on bottom instead of against your face. I do not have red tones nor do I fear the red and I am searching for some red jeans or tailored (60’s inspired) capris because they are a great piece. If you are uncomfortable with red try incorporating it with another color as in the patterned dresses or red bags shown below. Red is projected to remain hot through the Fall, so rest assured your purchases will pay off. 
Display at Eden Boutique

I absolutely love the nautical look! A variety of stripes graced the runways this season, but the blue/white, black/white combo appeared to pull most of the weight. So many people have a fear of horizontal stripes because, “They will make me look even bigger!” Yes and no. It is how you wear them and if you do it correctly it is one of the most polished looks in daily wear. The horizontal striped shirt when paired with the navy blue cardigan with it’s vertical red striping diminishes the widening effect and creates a slimming blend as shown below. If you are symmetrical top and bottom try adding white shorts/pants/skirt to a striped top or if you are bigger on top and slim on bottom add the white shorts and keep the cardigan. If you do not want to accentuate your bottom half, say you are pear-shaped, opt for a dark navy jean with a striped top. Also, consider other ways to rock the stripe! Try a big floppy striped beach hat or cute shorts with a ticking-like stripe. Keep in mind stripes in other colors are great too and pump up your stripes with a color pop like the red bag below. 
Display at Eden Boutique

Neutrals and Flesh tones: 
We started seeing this look last year. It has remained in vogue for the summer, and looks to hang around through the Fall. I am pale and blonde and even find these tones quite pleasing to wear. I would compare the look to a very tasteful nude in an art museum. It is a simple and lovely, yet completely effortless style. You want to achieve some shade variance between the garment and your skin. If you are dark skinned you should have no problems. If you are light like me you may want add a statement necklace or something to keep the garment from draining all of your color. 
Display at Eden Boutique

And don’t worry. Maxis, minis and jumpers are still wildly popular this summer. With the economic slump styles are more surmounting than changing. Keep the ones you have, but be looking for the sheer maxi trend. Done well it looks great. I wanted to mention lace’s resurgence to the runway. I have always been very picky and often turned off by lace, but I love the nuevo look for lace. I am talking about the all lace dresses and tops. This is another one where you will either look like you have been locked out of your house in lingerie, or simply stunning. Know your body type, your limits, and your degree of confidence when trying some of these new trends. It is never a bad idea to ease into a new look one piece at a time.

You can find all of the looks pictured in today’s post at: 
520 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 

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