Monday, June 13, 2011

Silver and Pearl Bird Nest Pendant

Make a bird nest pendant: 

I feel like I have really been on avian overload this spring/summer. Bird items: feathers, bird-art, eggs, nest, have all been across the board-from hair to home-trendy this season. Maybe I am just overstimulated by the deluge of bird-stuff when I make an inspiration run through the boutiques of Oklahoma City or maybe I just like birds; either way, I think you will very much like the bird nest pendant I am walking you through today. 

You will need:
  • Jeweler’s wire (silver, gold, bronze, etc.) 
  • Pearls (with holes for threading) 
  • A jump ring 
  • Needle nose pliers 
  • A feather 
Thread your pearl onto the wire leaving about two inches of lead wire. Give the wires about three good twists below each pearl. (You want to twist the wire close and tight to the pearl, but be careful not to over-twist and break your wires) Add the next pearl about an inch and a half apart from the last. Do not cut the wire from the spool when you finish adding pearls. 

I chose three pearls for no other reason than sets of threes are visually appealing. If you want to have a pearl to represent each of your children, your pets, your ex-husbands, whatever, you make that decision. I chose three for aesthetics. While I am on the topic of these pearls, I should mention a couple things. First, these pearls are from my maternal grandmother’s necklace. A few months ago I was layering it under another necklace when the feeble antique string gave way. Pearls scattered across the floor and I am sure I was already late. I gathered them in a box, contemplated restringing them, and eventually came to the conclusion that I would bring them new life instead. Therefore, this is not the last you will see of my grandmother’s pearls. Second, sorry about the pearls, Mom, but be looking forward to all the pretty things I will make from them, and Happy Birthday! I chose to post this segment today because it is my mom’s birthday. She loves birds and she gave these pearls to me. 

Bend your wire like a roller coaster between each pearl. 

Twist the pearls together. Bring the looped wire into a sort-of peace sign behind the pearls to give you a guide and base wires for threading your nest.

Holding the center (the spot at which the wires attached to the pearls twists together) allow the wire, still attached to the spool, to spin in circles as you roll your pliers. As your nest base becomes wider begin alternating over and under the (peace-sign) loops you created before to keep the nest from unraveling. When you achieve the width you desire mold the edges of the nest up into a bowl shape around the “eggs”. 

Leave about a ten inch tail and clip the wire from the spool. 

Begin a whip-stitch catching the outer few pieces of wire. 

Pull each stitch though. Make it snug, but not tight. Do this along the remainder of the outer edge. 

When you have completed stitching the circumference, thread the remaining wire in ‘X’ patterns across the back to bind the wires together.

Next you will need to attach your jump ring. You can use the wire tail that you wove across the back or the lead wire in front of your first pearl. Either is fine, but tuck the one you do not use down into the nest. Attach the jump ring by creating a hook with the remaining wire and twisting. You may stop at this step if you like. I have seen many little pendants like this one, but wanted to add my own touch. 

Cut a couple inches of wire and make a tiny lasso. Pull a small piece from a feather you like...a loose feather...not a live bird, and place it in the center of the loop.

Twist the lasso tight around your feathers using the pliers. Once the feathers are securely held drive the wire ends through the nest between the pearls and tuck the ends back into the nest beneath the “eggs” (clip the wire if needed). 

Voila! A dainty bird nest pendant! 

This pendant can function as more than a charm or a pendant. Stay tuned to see where it shows up next.


  1. Mac, I may need a little help with this, but I am so in love with this necklace. Would it look okay with two eggs? To represent my 2 little birdies ;) Love it!!

  2. Two eggs would be fine. I would probably use a bit larger feather clipping and insert it in place of the third egg. Do you have other questions?