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Summer Reviews - Better Bodies Day Spa

In my first post I explained my “made-up” word - Do∙mes∙tress: noun, a woman possessing great capability and keen skill in the design and beautification for her family, household, self and societal affairs while sometimes using unlikely objects and processes to achieve a desired result. This week I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite summertime finds that will help you attain your own inner and outer “domestress”. 

Better Bodies Day Spa 

I love spa treatments! They revive my inner self when I am feeling over-worked and under appreciated, make me feel swimwear confident when I have a couple pounds to lose, and have a way of depleting the noise of all the nagging “have to’s” life brings. I typically only treat myself to spa-time on vacation; mostly because treatments are often expensive and not really a necessity. Given that I often experience my moments of blissful spa pleasure on vacation I have tried a variety of wraps, massages, and other treatments throughout the USA and Mexico. I always return to tell Shelly how I like her wraps better than all those I have had any where else when I feel cheated from my vacation wrap and go to get a wrap at Better Bodies...thankfully they are also reasonably priced. 

The spa has the quaint ambiance you can only find in a small town and the staff has the sweet southern hospitality to match. It is such a great find. If you are not a local or former local you may never hear about Better Bodies Day Spa. In fact, when I return to Oklahoma City after receiving one of the inch reducing body wraps and graciously accepting “skinny” compliments, I always tell people I had a wrap in my hometown of Altus. They give me a puzzled look, trying to formulate where they have seen that on a map and follow it by, “Isn’t that that really hot, dry place down in the southwest part of the state?” Well, yes it is, but, it is also near Quartz Mountain State Park/Lodge where the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute is held annually. So you could make your visit into a nice little (even family friendly) weekend excursion. 

Basically what I am saying is Shelly’s body wraps are AWESOME, so, try one! I consistently, over the past ten years, have lost between seven and nine inches per spot wrap, yes, tiny little me. The best part is that it also diminishes cellulite and the results last for a few weeks. I do not believe in cellulite creams and would never think that topical, non-laser, non-invasive spa treatments are permanent, but I love this wrap! I like to know the science of why things work, but in this case I do not know how or why it works just that it does, and it does every time. Truly, it is the best way I have found to jump start my summer diet and workout plan. It is like having a sneak preview of the result of months of diet and exercise with only investing an hour of relaxation in a warm capsule. 

Now that I have raved about the wraps, here is the list of body treatments/wraps as listed on the brochure that Better Bodies performs ranging in price from $20-$65: 

Body Treatments: 
EnWRAPture: Our most popular wrap is a three step pressure wrap. The citrus scent mist opens the pores. Ancient sea bed clays are applied to form, compress, firm and tighten the skin. After the masking, pressure wrapping compresses fat cells eliminates toxins and guarantees inch loss (This wrap is not a temporary water loss.) 

Aloe Herbal Wrap: Our wraps are soaked in enzyme active aloe vera to penetrate the toxin cleansing herbs to the fatty deposits and the cellulite. They then dissolve into the lymph system. (This is an excellent choice for those who take prescription medication.) 

Celiminate Body Wrap: Advanced formula to improve the appearance of problem areas. Celiminate toning and sculpting cream, is a unique formulation for reducing and diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Celiminate is an exclusive blend containing theophylline, whole leaf ale vera and Chinese slimming herbs. All noted for their abilities to break down and eliminate fat. This an advanced wrap. 

Wrap-N-Nap: Your choice of essential oils are applied to the body. Your are then wrapped in a cocoon of comfort to drift away in the Alpha Spa. 

Chocolate Fondue Body Wrap: A totally unique experience for these who wish to detoxify and balance excess body fluids, you can achieve excellent results in smoothing, firming and contouring problem areas of the body. Contains wild yam which helps to balance hormones. 

Seaweed Anti-Age Body Renewal Treatment: The first of its kind! A gel for the body that brings life back to dry, dull, dehydrated, and sagging skin. Packed with a nutrient blend of seaweed concentrate, Vitamins A, C, & E, Goru Kola and echinacea. This mask helps to rejuvenate, rebuild, rebalance & restore moisture level healthy & firm skin! 

Alpha Spa Session: Including relaxation, skin care, pain relief, detoxification, weight loss and sleep. 

Better Bodies Day Spa and Salon also offers a variety of other services you may be interested in trying: 

Swedish Massage 
Mother-to-be Massage 
Deep Tissue Massage 
Face-Lift Massage 
LaStone Massage 
(Massage prices range between $25-$75) 
I had the hot stone massage several years ago...It is an hour and a half of relaxation.

Skin Treatments: 
Face/Body Waxing 
Make-up Services 
(Waxing prices start at $10) 

Skin Care Products: 
Jan Marini Skin Research 
Belli Skincare: allergy tested and free of artificial dyes and paraben preservatives 
Pregnancy Line 
Motherhood Line 
Baby Line 
(I have never been pregnant nor plan to be anytime soon, but I hear that this line is great for when and if that ever happens) 

Facials and Treatments: 
European Skin Treatment 
Petite Facial 
Teen Acne Treatment Facial 
Acne Treatment Facial 
Signature C-Esta and Enzyme Facial 
Blue Peel 
Age Intervention Resurfacing Facial 
Salicylic Gel Facial 
Glycolic Facial Treatment 
Green Peel 
UltraSonic Facial 
Youth Light 2010 
The Diamond Peel (Microdermabrasion) 
Back Treatment 
Hydra Four Layer Facial by Tanya 
(Facial and treatment prices start at $25) 

Men, Women and Children’s Haircut and Styling 
Up-do’s for Women (and little girls) 
Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment 
Hair color (foils) 
(Salon service prices start at $15) 
Lindsey created my lovely up-do for my wedding.

The Ultimate Manicure with Paraffin 
Hot Oil Manicure 
The Works Pedicure 
The Works Pedicure with Paraffin 
Express Pedicure 
Acrylics, Wraps, and Sculptured Nail Sets and Fills 
Bio Gel 
(Nail service prices start at $25) 
My mom and I have enjoyed a nice mani/pedi by Melody. 

If you are looking for a more outrageous statement for your nail art Ryoko is the 2011 Nailpro competition ISSE Long beach Hand painted nail art Veteran 1st place winner for her theme "Paris By Night" 

Spa Getaway Packages starting at $50 

Relaxation Room: 
Enjoy a relaxing, quiet space between spa treatments 
Delivered lunch available 

Four Levels of Tanning including “Bed 4” the Ultra Mega Tanning: 
50 bulbs and 4 facial bulbs, air-conditioned, and roomy for larger bodies (I am told men like this one too, but I personally haven’t tanned indoors in years). Available for purchase in single sessions or packages. 

Toning Machines: 
Upper Body Shaper 
Tummy-Hip Shaper 
Waist Shaper 
Thigh-Calve Shaper 
Waist-Tummy-Hip Shaper 
The Sit Up Table 
The Circulator 
Sessions available for purchase in packages. 

I have not tried all that this spa has to offer, and I have mostly mentioned the treatments that I have, but in writing this post I have noticed several items on the menu of services that I would like to try someday.

For an appointment contact Better Bodies Day Spa and Salon - Altus' only full service spa, salon, tanning, and fitness center by phone: 580.480.0986. 

1117 N. Spurgeon St., Suite B 
Altus, OK 73521 
 Owner and Fantastic Wrapper: Shelly Blaske 

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