Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Decorative Balls

Decorative Thumb Tack Balls

This month has been quite busy, but I will not have much in the way of decorating or dinners on father’s day. We celebrated my dad’s father’s day early since we were at my parent's house before taking a small business trip/vacation. Now on our way back to Oklahoma City, after picking up Dash at my parent’s, Dash is doing his best to add letters with his little toes and generally make typing this post as difficult for me as possible. Hopefully...I have an actual father’s day dinner or party to prepare. In the spirit of honoring Dad, I want to bring a more masculine craft to the table. Literally to the table...these would make nice center pieces for a father’s day feast (or decoration in the “man cave” or any “guy” room). Also fitting, they may be the easiest piece I have posted yet. In making these I sat in front of the TV and inserted thumb tacks with very little thought focused on my actions. If you make this decorative ball for a masculine room, as always, stay within the color scheme, but choose an appropriate, man-like ribbon. Thumb tacks come in a variety of colors too. Be sure to consider the other metals, or lack there of, in the room and your ribbon before deciding on the thumb tacks. 

You will need:
  • Styrofoam balls 
  • Thumb tacks 
  • Ribbon 
Wrap the ribbon around the styrofoam ball. Depending on the amount of fraying, you may want to turn the end of the ribbon under about 1/4”. There is no need to glue just secure the ribbon with a thumb tack. 

Catch the edge of the ribbon with the thumb tacks. Line both sides of the ribbon, then begin layering the next set of thumbtacks over the first fish scales. Continue in circular patterns until the area becomes too small. Then add the thumb tacks as needed to cover all of the styrofoam surface. 

Voila! A masculine spin on an easy project.


  1. Macie, this is a great idea! Since I always loved teaching VBS, finding good craft projects was a difficult task. This would make a great and inexpensive project for the crafts time. Keep it up! I enjoy your posts!

  2. I can just see the little boys you had in VBS with all those thumb tacks...poor little girls.