Monday, June 20, 2011

Independence Day Party Decoration Week - Nautical Vases

Nautical Vases 

I originally made these vases for an event held at one of our local boathouses. I was in such a rush making them and was not sure I would post them at the time that I captured fewer pictures than I would typically, but it is a really easy project that requires little direction. 

Holiday and seasonal decorating is one of my favorite “home” activities. A few little changes every two to three months can revive a whole room (and it’s inhabitants). Something I like to consider when interior decorating is an object's ability to function with my decor for more than a week or two. These vases, for example, will work nicely with my other summer statements for another couple months. After July 4th replace the red roses with another color or flower, and you simply have a nautical inspired vase that no longer looks as patriotic...not that there is anything wrong with honoring our country year round. I have always loved this seafaring look, but some years it is more in vogue than others. This just happens to be one of those years...we will talk more about this in relation to home and fashion in posts to come. As for this week I would like to provide you with some ideas that you can prepare in time for an Independence Day celebration, but will last you the remainder of the summer season. 

You will need: 
  • Glass jars with lids 
  • Rope 
  • Scrapbook paper 
  • Ribbon 
  • Gold buttons 
  • Bottle caps 
  • Glue gun 
Buttons and Rope Nautical Vase: 
If the jar’s lid is navy, gold, tan or white it will make a nice pedestal for your vase, but is simply an added feature not an essential part. I hot glued this gold lid (open side to the glass bottom) before I began adding my rope. You want to use a 1/4”- 1/2” white or off-white-tan rope for this look. I found this white rope at Hobby Lobby on, I believe, a three yard spool. Dab a drop of hot glue inconspicuously on the bottom edge of your jar, then begin wrapping the rope tightly and closely around the jar. Add a drop of glue here and there as needed. This rope is soft and pliable so it can work nicely on oddly shaped jars also. The amount of rope to cover one jar will surprise you, so, you may want to pre-measure or buy an extra spool. 

When you have finished adhering the rope to the jar dab hot glue to the shank of a gold button. Work it between two pieces of rope to affix the button to the jar. I evenly spaced three buttons around the circumference of the vase. 

Bottle Cap and Rope Nautical Vase: 
Begin this vase just as you did the button and rope vase. When you have reached 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the jar secure your rope and hot glue your ribbon onto the jar. Turn under your ends of the ribbon for a finished look. Cover the ribbon ends with a fun and flattened bottle cap. Consider your ribbon and bottle cap color and design. Remember we are going for a “nautical theme”, think navies, royal blues, golds, tans, and creams. This bottle cap has an anchor on it. Isn’t that just perfect for this look? This ribbon is about 1.5” wide, which works well to balance the bottle cap. Finish wrapping the remainder of your jar with the white rope. 

Faux Wood Scrapbook Paper Nautical Vase: 
This one is too easy and I could never lay claim to the original creation of this idea, but it pleasantly rounds out the variety of nautically themed vases. The peely image of white washed wood on the the scrapbook paper brings a smooth texture to the grouping while remaining visually interesting. Abstain from becoming too visually interesting by only adhering the paper to flat simple surfaces.

Add a wide ribbon to finish the top of the paper near the middle of the vase. Center a narrow ribbon on the wider ribbon and tie a bow to complete this vase. 

Voila! Three styles of nautical vases!

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