Monday, August 1, 2011

Repurposing Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets 

Dryer sheets are great multi-functional reusable items. Shower doors can really be a pain to clean and keep clean. The slightly used dryer sheets like the ones from smaller loads tend to work better. Rub, using some force, over dry soap scum on glass shower doors. Do not worry you are burning calories, not to mention sculpting your arms. There is just enough grit in the mesh to strip the scum from the glass. Additionally, the dryer sheet is leaving a slight waxy film helping prevent soap scum from over-taking your glass so quickly. 

I had heard this information somewhere some years back about using dryer sheets to clean glass in general. My husband tends to sling soap all over the shower. You are probably imagining a shower scene of a burley man with flowing Fabio hair. I could let you continue that thought, but no. He’s totally clean-cut, short hair, suit and tie type, just has a knack for slinging soap. I cleaned the shower glass over and over again with regular window cleaner. I was breaking a sweat by the time I had accomplished much of anything and the soap scum would return in a few days. I decided to try this crazy little dryer sheet idea. It worked! 

Now that I have been saving my dryer sheets for the past few years I started noticing other uses for them. The most simple is the obvious use…to keep things smelling fresh. I leave the used ones that still have scent left in them in with the dirty clothes, or put them in stinky shoes. They are also good for controlling a little hair static. This made me think…static reducer and window cleaner. What about mirrors? What about those mirrors that become covered in men’s shaving clippings? Well, I am about a week into this science experiment and the good news is so far it is working. I scrubbed my mirrors just the same as the shower doors. The dryer sheet removed the water marks, toothpaste, etc. leaving the mirror nice and sparkly. Then I waited a couple days for him to shave. As usual he flung the clipping everywhere! They were on the sink, the faucet, the counter tops, but, except for the three little shaving stubble clingers, they were not on the mirror. If this even saves me a week of not cleaning clippings from the mirror, as it already has, I will continue using the dryer sheets.

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