Friday, August 5, 2011

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers: 

I love to have fresh flowers around the house. There is something about walking into a home where fresh flowers are displayed, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, it creates an inviting atmosphere. Not necessarily “homey”. It just says, “I care so much about you (and me) that I wanted to bring something lovely and living from it's outdoor happy-home inside to greet you.” 

I like to place simple floral displays in my guest bathrooms to greet the patrons. (And hope this nice greeting sways them from doing something awful like wiping make-up all over the embroidered tip towel, because this has happened) Judging from my own experiences of using other people’s restrooms, it is easy to find yourself looking around. Think about it. It’s (mostly) quiet, you are washing your hands (hopefully), drying your hands, and whatever else you choose to do, but all the while looking around. This is not a high-traffic area full of distractions so you tend to notice more of you surroundings. Focusing on that last thought, you should provide flowers according to the perceived emotion of the room. Granted, I have seen some pretty wild bathrooms, but most often people strive to achieve a tranquil, spa-type atmosphere: neutral and cool colors; hence, simple, solid or light colored, tidy arrangements. 

On the other hand, something more outrageous and bold is appropriate in the rooms where you want to entertain people. Below is a Spring-time arrangement of lilies, hydrangeas, and button mums. The lilies are the focal point. They are pointy, lanky and irregularly pink. Next I chose the other two types of flowers to accent the lilies. They are solid green, round and almost fluffy looking. All three floral varieties are bold colors. Considering it is a bold room, it can support them. 

Additionally, both of these arrangements, plus a single stem arrangement and another small guest arrangement cost $12 plus tax. I bought three grocery store bouquets to create all of them. You do not have to spend a lot of money to bring home a lot of joy. In fact, this one was free from my flower bed.

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