Friday, August 12, 2011

Repurposing Address Labels

Address Labels

We lived in a condo, as many couples do, the first year or two together. I just had to order these cute address labels with our charactures on them. I believe the smallest quantity I could order was something like 250 labels. Between the bills and Christmas cards we may have used a couple pages. After stumbling upon these address labels tucked in the back of a drawer, I thought I really hate to just through them out. 

Obviously, I could not use the address anymore…it would upset the current resident. Sadly, Louie, my precious little ferret is no longer with us; which is why I actually stopped using them in the first place. It made me too sad to see his little face on the label and think about him being gone to use them the last couple months we lived there. I Also, I really do not share the same last name as my husband, I sometimes hyphenate, which is seriously confusing. Especially, when people spell and say none of my names right by adding S’s and R’s. I have finally (a second and third order of address labels later) put both our last names on the labels. I am not a feminist and that is not the cause behind the name dispute. Among other reasons, I had my name when I began my art and aside from that I really like my name the way it is. 

So, I looked at what I had left to work with. They are sticky. That’s a plus. Our first names were on them…along with a characature of our faces. There are some nice printed shapes and lines and other colorful detailing on the sides. 

I began cutting. First, I cut out Louie’s picture. I have neatly stacked files of scrap booking from different eras of my life. I am sure I can find a good Louie page to paste some stickers of him. Next, I cut off the pretty detailing. I assume I can use this to seal a card or run through a shaped punch then stick it to something. That just sounds kinda fun anyway. 

Lastly, I cut us out. I thought this would be a much more interesting (and quick) way to sign a gift tag…considering I typically sign for the both of us anyway. 

If you only have your name on old address labels remove that portion and use it following “from” on a gift tag.

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