Friday, August 19, 2011

Add Visual Interest With Antique and Costume Jewelry Pieces

Add Visual Interest With Antique and Costume Jewelry Pieces 

I had not particularly intended on writing a post about this, but I had such a great response to the idea when I wore it to a luncheon today that I decided to go ahead and let everyone in on my little secret. Thankfully, I did think it was enough of a possibility to document in photographs. 

I made this little dress a year or two ago. The times I have worn it it has bothered the front of my neck. Ok, I admit I made a minor construction mistake. When I design something for myself I often do not take the care I would for someone else. Remember the saying, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes...” Regardless, it is a pretty dress that I wanted to wear more, therefore, I needed to alter the neck for comfort. 

I began by measuring how much extra room I would need for comfort. Then proceeded to cut the length from a fragment of gold chain. I chose gold because of the warm tones already in the garment. I considered using an old bracelet. If you have a linked-style bracelet that you do not wear any more for whatever reason throw it in a jewelry parts drawer. They can make great extension pieces. As you can see I looped one end around the existing hook and pinched it closed. 

Here is where using a bracelet is helpful. But if you do not have a bracelet attach a jewelry clasp as I did.  

Now just clip the clasp to the existing eye and choose a fun bobble to decorate your chain. I have inherited and bought a number of interesting antique costume jewelry pieces. Clip-on earrings work particularly well for this idea. I suppose you could use a hook-style earring, but I usually find more interesting pieces that are clip-on anyway. Notice the two clip-on earrings I used. One was pearly with a gold chain surrounding it. When attached the chains look one-in-the-same and the pearl works with the polka dots. The dropped earring is gold, matching the chain, and something you may not be able to see in the picture are the honey-yellow insets decorating the earring. This added color allows the earring to naturally blend with the garment and become a complimentary piece.   

I actually used a different clip-on. That is the beauty of this idea, though. You never have to wear it the same way twice!

I really do not like the pictures that I have to take of myself, by the way. But at least that way you know it is really me. I regret not posting on Wednesdays, lately. It has been a really busy summer. I have been learning the art of cinnamon rolls in my spare time. This past Wednesday I took some time to de-stress and work on my new found adventure. So here is a picture of hopefully the beginning of a recipe I can someday perfect and share.

Additionally, one last thought before the weekend. Next week I will post a fun, fairly simple, fashionable and certainly wearable project. In the meantime, pull out an old t-shirt. A fitted one that fits you really well. Something like this:
Again...really hate taking pictures of myself...    

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