Monday, November 14, 2011

Serve Mixed Drinks - Bartender not included

I don’t know about you, but hiring someone to bar-tend a party is an added expense that I think I can do without. Not that it is not a good idea and a nice addition to a "grown-up" party, but when you are hosting things on a smaller scale and want to give your guests a cocktail selection without having to mix it themselves this is a pretty good repurposed idea. 

I removed the labels (with alcohol or “Goo Gone”) and sterilized used Bertolli spaghetti sauce jars. I would venture to say most households have at least one bottled product they use on a regular basis. Contemplate the glass jars you throw out...or hopefully recycle. I began saving the spaghetti jars because they were aesthetically pleasing and a convenient size for leftovers. 

Find one or more cocktail recipes that you can mix a few hours in advance of your party. I would post the mojito recipe we used, me you would not want it. Regardless, of the concoction the container idea was worth posting. Print, by hand or by printer, the name of the cocktail on a small square of paper covered with a piece of clear packing tape. Then add your labeled cocktail jars in with the wine or beer bottles chilling in your ice tubs. This saves you from bringing out drink dispensers that you would not want to place a label, cluttering your refrigerator with pitchers, or you or your guests bar-tending the party.

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