Friday, November 11, 2011

Polka Dot Cake Decorating

This idea was born purely out of having no idea how I was going to decorate this cake, a complete lack of time, and the fact that I had already sent my husband to the grocery store. 

Every time I change regular buttercream over to chocolate butter cream it changes the density just enough to become difficult to work with. Therefore, I had used my spare decorating time just trying to execute the seemingly easy step of icing the cake. I needed something else at the store that I had managed to also run out of time to pick up so my husband was headed out the door for a different set of items when I said just pick up some Oreo’s too. I had remembered seeing a cute polka dot cake earlier in the week and I knew my mind was on to something that I would work out as soon as I had the Oreo’s in hand. 

Ice any cake with any flavor icing you like. Smooth the icing flat with a hand-held icing spatula. I used a chocolate buttercream icing to top this white cake with peanut butter nougat filling. 

Once you have iced your cake consider the flavors in your cake, filling, and icing before choosing the flavor of Oreo or like sandwich cookie. Remove the wafers from the filling of the cookie. Dust off as many of the crumbs from the filling as you can. 

Firmly place the filling centers in a controlled random pattern. 

Continue pressing the filling centers into the icing until covering the cake. 

Voila! A very fun decorated cake without rolling or cutting any fondant. 

Save your Oreo wafers to make cheesecake or pie crusts later!

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