Monday, November 7, 2011

Repurpose Squeeze Jars Into Cake Tools

I wanted to bring you some less conventional, but time-saving kitchen ideas leading up to the largest entertaining season of the year. I mentioned in the last post planning dishes ahead. Cakes can also be made in advance...weeks in advance if you freeze and wrap them properly. Once you are ready to position the layers back into a cake this post will hopefully aide in your process. 

Does this squeeze bottle look familiar? A Miracle Whip light squeeze bottle, perhaps?

But this is not Miracle Whip because it is peanut butter nougat filling...if your Miracle Whip is confusable with nougat it might be time to thoroughly clean your container and use it for a cake tool too.  

The nougat was much too sticky to smooth on the cake with a spatula alone so I created a way to make my nougat spreading a little easier. 

Squeeze the nougat or other filling of our choice onto each layer of the cake. 

Situate one cake layer on top of each nougat covered layer until re-stacking the cake. Voila! A quick filling method with less mess. 

Stay tuned for the next post...a delightful, clever cake decorating idea.

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