Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Roses-Turn a Bud into a Bloom: 

I love ROSES! As I age I find myself slightly and slowly broadening my horizons, but it is unlikely I will ever grow out of my rose obsession. If you made the feather vase you may want to adorn it with roses as you saw I did in the last post. If you are a DIY bride as I was you may order your roses in bulk and may find this post helpful. 

Roses can be displayed so many lovely ways, but often I find I need them big and open now! Unfortunately flowers are so often a last minute thought or the last additions before guest arrive. I do not want to buy them too early given that flowers sometimes wilt quickly. I always intend to buy them the day before and leisurely arrange them, but I usually forget and end up racing my guests to my home to frantically stuff them in a vase. So what do I do when my guest will be here in an hour and my roses are all wadded up in tight little buds?

A couple quick fixes:

Blow with some force right down close to the top of the rose.

When it has begun to unfold work your fingers down into the petals ever-so-gently stretching and separating. That may be enough to open them to a satisfactory position. Additionally, cut the stems at an angle, and place them in slightly warm, clean water.

If this is not enough to do the trick, grab the hair drier. Don’t scald them down to their little rose hips just gently and gradually increase the heat and speed until you achieve your desired result.  

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