Friday, April 22, 2011

I’ll Drink to That Centerpiece

I'll Drink to That Centerpiece:

I think there is something really elegant about champagne and wine corks. Potentially even greater, they do not have a particular season. And even better than that, it is great fun to add to your collection! This little piece of decoration has found its place as a centerpiece on my kitchen island for a few years now. I can not say how it got there or when it came to be only that I add and remove things occasionally, but it is a pretty little staple in my kitchen.

You will need:

  • Cake stand or candy pedestal
  • Solid color textured fabric
  • Patterned or tie-in fabric
  • Wine and/or champagne corks.
  • Seasonal addition - such as Easter eggs
The average person probably does not use candy pedestals and cake stands as much as I do, but I bet you have one tucked away in that wedding gift, never-opened box collection somewhere in the unreachable sections of the highest and lowest cabinets. Find it, today it will find a home free of a box and just maybe stepping out as a thing of beauty. Ok, here is the deal. I always want to promote using things you already have, but sometimes that takes some thought and modification. So maybe when you got married there were some pretty crazy-looking cake stands in fashion or yours is made from some Tupperware type plastics, you might want to look into using a metal, ceramic, or glass bowl or tray. If you need to set things on a pedestal or stack for height just make sure it is sturdy.

The next item of consideration: where are you going to place this piece: the kitchen, living room, bar-area? Now you have made a decision. In my case, as previously stated, I chose the kitchen. My kitchen is purple, yes purple, with black and white accents and medium-dark wood. Given purple is my main color if I put any purple into this centerpiece at all I would only do it in extreme moderation. Let’s say, for example, I choose to place a few fabric clippings with a Jacobean pattern which includes some purple flowers or a purple bird, or around Easter I add some purple candy eggs. Nothing overwhelming! Just tie it in if you desire. What I don’t want you to do is take a burgundy cake stand place yellow and green fabrics inside and toss a bunch of wine corks on top in a purple kitchen and wonder why it looks like you made the centerpiece at the same time as acquiring all the wine corks.

Now that I have you thinking like a designer let’s give it a whirl! Dust and shine your cake stand or candy pedestal. If you decide to use a cake stand or something without an edge lip create one with a ring of rope or rolled scrap fabric under your first layer. This way you will not see it, but it will contain your corks. Start layering in your base fabric. This should be a solid color. I liked the texture and translucence the lace brought to the whole.

Next I layered scrap triangular pieces (unfinished edges and all) of fabric left over from a runner I made for the kitchen buffet. Ah ha! This must be the tie-in piece! Create somewhat of an open flower affect.

Lastly, mound you corks.

Voila! I’ll drink to that!

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