Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gummy Bunny Baskets

Gummy Bunny Baskets:

About a month ago I was making my weekly, if not daily, trek through one of our local craft stores and notice an edible bird nest idea made from a simple icing ring and three little jelly beans. I did not want to recreate the idea it merely initiated a thought. I bought some jelly beans as soon as the Easter candy hit the shelves…which is what now, the day after Valentine’s? I put them in a pretty glass jar on our kitchen island and would think about them each time I walked passed. The problem then became that I had no idea how much my husband liked jelly beans. I have been filling the jar a couple times a week for the past month! A few weeks back while falling asleep I thought I should make little baskets and then just happened to find the sour strips at the checkout while renting a movie later that week; therefore, it all came together just in time.

Originally, I intended these gummy bunny baskets (isn’t that just fun to say?) to garnish the tops of cupcakes only, which is still a fantastic idea. If your kid needs to bring themed cupcakes for a party he/she can help you put these together. You do not have to be a great icing artist or even good with fondant to make these as cupcake toppers.

These adorable little baskets can be a great alternative to your kids (or you) gobbling all the Easter candy in one day. The kids will enjoy setting aside some of their gum drops and jelly beans for a fun project and hopefully making the candy last a little longer.

Can you imagine how cute these baskets would be at the dinner table on Easter Sunday? I would love to have a gummy bunny basket in the center of my place setting or next to my place card at Easter dinner. Wouldn’t you? And if your guest were so inclined they could eat the decoration.

You will need:

  • Gum drops
  • Gummy strips (optional)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Rolling pin
  • Potato masher or pizza cutter
  • Cornstarch or flour (optional)
  • Jelly beans

You want to begin by placing four same colored gum drops (wide ends together) in a cross shape (how Easter appropriate) on a sheet of plastic wrap. I chose to use plastic wrap to keep my rolling pin and cutting board free from sticky residue. You may sprinkle a thin layer of cornstarch or flour on the plastic wrap for ease of gum drop removal.

Loosely fold the plastic wrap over the top of the gum drops. If it is folded too tight the gum drop could create a bulge and squeeze through the plastic.

Press down firmly in the center section of the gum drops and roll with a rolling pin.

Roll until flat.

Fold in the long ends of the cross to meet the short sides. Pinch and mash together until forming the basket as shown.

I aligned a potato masher with the stripes and pressed down while rocking it to cut apart the colors. You may be able to pull the strips apart or cut them with a pizza cutter or just use a knife. A potato masher may be more kid safe.

Make your handle by attaching one of the sour strips to the basket. Dab a drop of water to each end of the strip if it does not stick on your first try. It should just press together.

Fill your basket with your sour strip grass.

Add jelly beans for your eggs. Voila! A gummy bunny basket.

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