Monday, April 18, 2011

Break Out the Bubbly Little Egg Stands

Break Out the Bubbly Little Egg Stands:

I have always loved dying, painting and decorating Easter eggs. I am sure many of us have happy childhood memories of egg decorating with friends and cousins. (some of you with your own children) I still love to display eggs around the house leading to Easter’s arrival and thankfully my egg decorating abilities have improved over the years.

There is something about changing the house from the warm snugly colors of winter to the pastels and bright colors of spring that is invigorating. It creates a visual signal to remind my brain that it is no longer sweater weather…so cool it with all the comfort foods, stop hibernating and go outside. Another potentially harmful side effect is the desire to go buy a new spring wardrobe with matching shoes. Well, instead of shoe buying…my sharp-dressed man ditched the event we were to be attending for a business dinner (which is fine) leaving me to make other plans.

So I picked up a bottle of Rosa Regale (my favorite sparkling rose), rented a girls movie, surely there was ice-cream somewhere in this mix too and Dash and I had a nice evening in. After untwisting the wire cage and setting it upside down on the counter I could not get the bottle of sparkling rose open. So, I began looking at the wire cage and thinking what a cute little egg stand that could be. Here is your excuse to try a new sparkling wine or champagne and a quick, cute and decorative way to celebrate Easter’s coming.

You will need:

  • Glue gun/glue
  • Pliers (needle nose)
  • Wire cage from a sparkling wine bottle
  • Ribbon and/or raffia
  • Egg to display
You will first need to secure the base to the four wires. Pop the circular piece out and place a tiny dab of hot glue on each wire corner. As shown below. Then slide the circular piece back down into place. Some of the glue will squeeze out. If you can, pull the excess off. If not it should not show. You just do not want it to make your stand lop-sided.

I chose to use raffia around the base of my stand. Raffia would work great with a “country” style house even though mine is not I think it will work generically for a spring look. If you do not have any or do not want to use raffia a 1/8” ribbon will work just fine. Press the raffia into the glue all the way around until you have met your starting point, leaving extensions that cross each other at the ends.

Thread another piece of ribbon beneath the point where the raffia criss-crosses itself. You may want to use a longer ribbon than is shown. This one was pretty hard to tie. This can be the same ribbon you wrapped at the base or even raffia, but this is your chance to tie into the look of your house. For example, I have a lot of black in my house it is the common thread from room to room. I like the raffia, but raffia alone just does not fit the “look” of my home, it may fit the “look” of yours. This is why I knew I needed to add something that made the finished product fit with the other d├ęcor.

Tie a knot in both the raffia and the ribbon.

Turn the stand upside down to tie your bow. This way the ends will point down. If you started with a longer ribbon just cut the ends after the bow is tied.

You will likely want to bend the top wire to straighten the kinks. You may not need pliers. I straightened most of it with my hands.

You may choose to skip this step, but I liked the decorative touch that bending the wires outward at the top created. Also center the intersection where the top wire is twisted together over your bow.

Voila! A bubbly little egg stand. Oh, so very cute! 

Check in for more Easter ideas throughout the week.
Happy Egg Hunting!

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