Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello Big World:

Perhaps I should begin with how I arrived at the name “the Dainty Domestress” I wanted to capture a bit of my natural self and the feeling I was seeking for this blog. Dainty is a word I have often heard in other people’s description of me, whether it was their intention or not this is how the dictionary defines Dain·ty: adjective, of delicate beauty; overly particular; finicky. Domestress, a word I am pleased to say I coined myself, therefore, I get to make up the definition J Do∙mes∙tress: noun, a woman possessing great capability and keen skill in the design and beautification for her family, household, self and societal affairs while sometimes using unlikely objects and processes to achieve a desired result. Derived from do·mes·tic: of or pertaining to the home, family, or devoted to home life or household affairs, and mis∙tress: a woman who has authority, control, or power, especially the female head of a household, institution, or other establishment, or woman who is skilled in something, as an occupation or art.

After months of penning notes, reading definitions, analyzing (and over analyzing, as I so often do), researching, emailing, reading blogs, testing ideas and recipes on friends and family, and completely remodeling my studio I have finally arrive at a blog…with an interesting name. I would not say I set out to start a blog. First of all, I am technologically impaired. In fact, I have accepted that if I try to fully understand the technology of blogging before I ever begin, I will never begin. Also, there is initially something about blogging that feels a little like coming home as a teenager to find your parents reading your diary. I knew I wanted to find a way to teach and share my projects, but the diary thing was really hard for me to disregard. One night while contemplating this blogging adventure I recalled a long, distant memory from my fifth grade year. My cousin wanted to know who I liked (as a boyfriend), only to be met with a locked-tight refusal of information. My natural tendency has always been head trumps heart to avoid any potential misfortunes or in this story the fear of disastrous elementary school rejection. He went on to inquire how would I ever know if that person liked me in return. Hmmm…fifth grade wisdom. This has since reminded me that even in the face of rejection that sometimes we have to put ourselves in a place of discomfort to reach potentially that one person that will benefit from what we have to share.

I am really just a girl that graduated from university in hopes of using her degree to become a great designer, married her high-school sweetheart and now lives in a land far-far away from fashion shows and couture houses. I spend much of my time in volunteer work, helping with my husband’s business and doing my best to become the best “domestress” I can be. As much of the country understands right now, it is hard to find work (especially with an obscure degree), we are all having to cut back on the “wants” in life, we need take care of this spaceship we call Earth and those we dearly love (including our pets), and many people are choosing to do more at home to decrease extra spending. I was not ready to change my way of living when the recession came our way. I began developing new ways to live my old life. We began reserving eating out to one night a week; therefore, I began cooking six suppers a week. I was always a baker, but now learned to cook out of necessity. I turned our home into a giant DIY project. Using my abilities in general design principles, I began translating them from apparel to interiors. I still make many of my dresses when we have the opportunity to go to an event. I have gained great knowledge and appreciation for repurposing objects that I find no longer useful in their current state. I have learned there are so many things I can do myself that cost me a little bit of time and save me a whole lot of money. Antique and thrift stores and estate sales are the source of some excellent finds. It just takes some effort in learning to see things for what they can be. That is really the purpose of this blog. I want you to understand how to make a craft into a handmade, one-of-a-kind piece versus a crafty little trinket, to recognize the flow of design elements such as colors and shapes, to bring skilled design and beauty into your life while saving money.

Here are some preview pictures of some fun upcoming topics:

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  1. Love this! Can't wait to see more Mace! The initial design is great!