Monday, September 5, 2011

Wine Glass Lanterns

Happy Labor Day! I hope each of you are enjoying a relaxing day off. If you are so inclined to take pleasure in creating an intimate candle-lit dinner for someone special tonight or anytime, really, this is a fantastic centerpiece idea created from items you probably have around the house. 

I actually intended to do something with up-right wine glasses and tea-light candles, but what materialized was a more elegant twist on the original plan. The other night I set up this center piece to test and photograph it. I was a bit shocked at how pretty the finished piece was. This centerpiece would even function for evening wedding receptions and nice dinner events, especially if you are aiming for sophistication, but on a tight budget. An excellent feature to the piece is it’s versatility. This idea can be replicated with just about any type of translucent glass stemware and any type of vines and florals. You could even try this with interesting glass bowls and change the foliage for a seasonal look. 

You will need: 
  • 3 Wine glasses - in a variety of heights 
  • 3 Battery operated tea-light candles 
  • Vine clipping 
  • Floral arrangement in floral frog (see previous post) 
  • Double sided tape, fashion tape, or hairpiece tape 

First please review the previous post over creating a small floral arrangement from a DIY floral frog. 

I love this hairpiece tape! Basically, it is the same thing as women’s “fashion” tape. It is double sided, holds well, and easy to remove. 

Place a piece of tape on the underneath side of your tallest wineglass’ base. I only needed a half piece of the hairpiece tape. 

Position a battery operated tea-light candle under each inverted wine glass. Arrange the glasses in a triangular formation. Stair-step the glasses with the tallest glass in the back. 

Bring out your floral arrangement...the one you arranged with a floral frog. If you do not have any way of arranging flowers in a frog you could still make this work...instructions as follows: tape your cut end of your vine clipping to the underneath side of your tallest wineglass’ base. (Note* You want to use about a 1’ + vine clipping either way you choose to construct this centerpiece.) Wrap a small amount of floral wire around the vine near the tape. Twist the wire, securing it to the vine, while leaving the two wire ends sticking straight up. Remove the stems from any flowers you use. Slide one or more flowers onto the wire ends. Arrange the flowers to nearly flush with the vine and absolutely covering the tape. 

Position your vine on one of the frog’s spikes. My vine was too heavy. I actually had to lay the stem of the vine perpendicular to three spikes and push it down into all of them. Allow the vine to trail from the back and side of your arrangement, but see to it that other foliage drapes over the points the vine is held in place. Secure the bottom side of your floral frog to the tallest wine glass’ base where you have placed your double sided tape. Permit the vine to wonder over, around and through the glasses’ bases and stems. 

Voila! Turn out the lights and marvel at your romantic creation.

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