Friday, September 16, 2011

Shop Your Closet: Change it, Don’t toss it!

With the last few weekends before autumn’s arrival still nice enough for strapless dresses and outdoor parties, in the lower half of the nation that is, why not breathe some new life into a forgotten dress. 

I had moved this dress to the section of the closet, the holding area before they become a thrift store donation, when a novel idea hit me to wear it once more...but different. Part of the reason that the dress did not suit me was the angle of the halter triangle pieces. I am not big, but I am still curvy. When you have the top of the dress directing your eyes outward toward your shoulders and the bottom of the dress flaring from your hips even a great hourglass shape becomes squashed and disproportionate. Given this information you would expect changing the top to a more vertical angling would create a definite pear shape, but you do not lose the fullness through the chest, just the awkward angling. 

I began with a basic tie-at-the-neck, halter top dress. 

And, Really, it is this easy. I just pinned the right sides of the neckline together. 

Tie the neck ties in a bow and Voila!

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