Monday, September 12, 2011

Gone Fishin’ Themed Cake

We celebrated my dad’s birthday this past weekend. Fishing has long been a hobby of his. I wanted to make a fun cake in a theme he would enjoy. 

You will need: 

  • A cake 
  • Icing (blue and brown)
  • A large marshmallow 
  • Gum drops (red and green) 
  • Gummy ribbons 
  • Sugar art eyes 
  • Pirouline creme filled wafer 
  • Chocolate covered nuts

Cut a “V” in the flat end of the large marshmallow. Then cut off one of the corners on the other flat end. 

Separate the colors of the candy ribbon into strips. Or you can use something similar like a Twisler. 

Flatten the gum drops. Shape the red gum drops to fit the mouth portion and smash the green gum drops until they achieve some translucence. You can always choose to make your fish a color other than green. 

Create scalloped strips from the green gum drops. If the gum drops do not stick to the marshmallows dab a few drops of water to the marshmallows and backs of the gum drop strips. 

Do not forget to place the eyes on the sides of the marshmallow and use a piece of pink sour strip to outline the mouth. I had a bag of these pre-made eyes on hand. If you do not have pre-made eyes, before dying your icing, set aside a spoonful of icing for the eyes. Place your two white icing dots on either side of the marshmallow and color the icing before placing a second inner dot. 

I dipped almonds in chocolate because the cake was a chocolate almond cake. You could use store bought chocolate almonds or dip any type of nut you like in chocolate to create the rocks around the edges of the cake pond. 

Use a long piece of the sour strip and a creme filled wafer to create the end of the fishing poll and line. And Voila!

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