Monday, May 21, 2012

Casual Wear: A Stylish Retail Interview with Clothing Boutique Owner - Cindy Shelby

Last week I introduced you to Cindy Shelby, owner of Ruth Meyers. Today let’s look at some of her lovely garments in reference to spring/summer trends. 

First let’s explore some casual, everyday looks: 

Artelier Nicole Miller geometric pattern top 

Poleci white top with pink squares 

m2f brand red denim 

Helios and Luna orange silk blouse 

Jude crochet sweater 

Something we see multiple times above is the resurgence of sleeves and loose fabrics. This is welcome relief to those with upper arm and tummy issues. The fabrics are still cool and airy while the styles draw the attention away from potential problem areas. 

Again, prints are hot, hot, hot, but if you just cannot jump on the print wagon bright solid colors are equally trendy and can do so much for one’s skin tone. 

Colored denim is an absolute must! It is available is so many styles and price points there is just no excuse not to give it a try. 

Nudes and blush color palettes are here to stay another season...Yeah!

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