Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Practical Examples for Spring Essentials

I wanted to quickly reiterate a couple examples with my own resent finds for my spring wardrobe. 

I found these red jeans at a local Ross store for $8.99. They were inexpensive, clearly, and will work perfect for the spring trend: colored jeans. 

While grocery shopping at Target I noticed this cute little dress on the sale rack for $7.48. This is a perfect example of working the spring trend: patterns, geometric patterns at that! Another nice feature to this little sundress is it’s versatility...the colors are not extremely summery. Toss this under a sweater with tights and boots and you have an outfit to wear during the remaining cold weather. Add a cardigan and pumps for work and shed them for a sassy sundress for evening cocktails. Or just add a pair of cute flats for weekend errands. 

Easy, inexpensive and not even out of your way.

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