Friday, March 9, 2012

Hot Cocoa Lambie-Cakes

I had this idea a couple months ago, then saw something similar on morning television. I decided I still preferred my original idea and proceeded. 

Whether your March has entered like a lamb or a lion, hopefully this cupcake idea will bring some fun to your kitchen and if you like hot cocoa with marshmallows you will love these lambies! 

You will need: 
  • Chocolate cake mix (or use your favorite recipe) 
  • White icing 
  • Mini marshmallows 
  • Milk or white chocolate eggs 
  • Heart and tube shaped edible confetti 
  • Chocolate chips 

Place the batter in a lined muffin tin. Insert a marshmallow into the center of each batter filled cup. Below I have used a mini muffin tin, but I also made a batch in regular size too. The smaller size is more kid and calorie friendly, so, I recommend the minis. If you use the regular sized muffin tin you may want to use a second marshmallow. 

Bake according to the instructions. Yum! 

Ice each cupcake with a small mound in the center. 

Unleash your creativity! Start your first row of seven marshmallows at the bottom (remember these are the mini-cupcakes, I believe nine works for the regular size). Add the chocolate egg directly above one of the mini marshmallows. I chose to use a Dove egg because of the size and Dove has always been one of my favorite chocolates. 

Add four mini marshmallows in the next row up and two more on top. If you are having problems with the marshmallows not sticking dab the side you want to sick with a bit of water.  

Place a dab of icing on the top point of each chocolate chip. 

Add a chip (bottom side facing out) on either side of the front marshmallow and on either side of the back two marshmallows. 

Ice the bottoms of two chocolate chips and place them atop the chocolate egg to create the ears. Then swipe a smidgeon of icing on one side of the heart-shaped confetti and stick it to the bottom center front of the chocolate egg, fashioning the nose. 

Using a toothpick place a tiny dollop of icing where you would like to place the eyes. Fix the tube or circular shaped edible confetti in the center of the icing. 

I chose to use the toothpick and a small dab of icing to draw the mouth. It would be easier done using an icing bag with a tip or cutting a very small hole in a sandwich bag to pipe the icing onto the chocolate egg. 

This little flock just might win you “Cupcake Mom-of-the-Year” in your child’s classroom or make you many new friends as you just can’t help but smile at these cute little guys. 

If you want to make some variations try using a regular size cupcake with mini-chocolate marshmallows and a bit larger chocolate egg. I used the Dove coconut filled chocolate egg with a flat backside below. I used a white chocolate Reese’s egg on the lion at the top of the post, however, I felt the Reese’s egg was too large for the lamb. 

Voila! Have a blast and enjoy.

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