Friday, December 30, 2011

Go Forth...and Shop!

I don't know about you, but I know I will have to buy at least five "dirty Santa" gifts each year. They are all fun parties, but not always fun to buy gifts for. You never know who the recipient will be, whether they will like it, or if it will just end up re-gifted at that person's next party. By now almost every store has clearanced their items to half-off, but if you can just hold out a little longer you can save 75% or more for those crazy gifts that must be bought for next Christmas. Please do not misread this as "go out and buy some crappy cheap gift that no one wants just so that next year you will not be empty handed". I admit there is seemingly a brief amount of insanity involved here, but if this were left to my husband we would be picking up the gift on the way to the party, over paying (as he gripes about over paying), then having to pay for wrapping and showing up to the party in a bad mood! This is why I do not leave it up to him.

Find some empty space in a closet or preferably in a place you store some of your other Christmas items...such as wrapping paper. Over the next couple weeks when you have time to fight the maddening shoppers and loitering teenagers packing the malls keep mental notes of who will be on your Christmas list for the coming year and pick up things that people would want. For instance, I have not found one this year, but my Mom loves hummingbirds. When I see a hummingbird feeder that she would like on sale I go ahead and get it to stash away in my gift closet. I make a little note of whom the gift is intended and by Black Friday I have completed a good portion of my Christmas shopping with meaningful, welcome gifts for that year's Christmas presents.   

A couple things to keep in mind are: is this a gift I would not mind receiving and does it expire...CHECK FOR DATES!

Voila! Go shop! Go Save! out Santa Clause

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